Wednesday, July 22, 2009


name : shamil

age : 20(sooner)

home town : jb

status : single & avaiable

fav movie : twilight , eiffel im in love , confession of shoppaholic , bride war , marley & me , transformers 1 & 2 , lord of the ring (1-3)

band : muse , all american reject , mcr , avenged sevenfold

books : na~

music : all type of music

smoker : yes

drinker : yes

drugs : say no to drugs

currently at : unisel (btg berjuntai)

i love to make friend because im so friendly.but i hate a backstabber happy go lucky to partying all to sleep most of my time.kje nye habis kn duet mak bapak.for mat rempit.go to hell la with your damn moto bike.'klu tade duet jgn main kereta,jd mat rempit masuk api nerake je.hahaha

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